PCM® HR Certification

Our PCM Certified HR program will teach you how to apply PCM and utilize numerous tools to assist in the recruiting process and ongoing career management. Recruiters certified in using PCM are better able to:

  • establish a better rapport between you and the candidate.
  • establish the candidate's personality profile, strengths, preferred communication and environment, and predictable behaviors in distress.
  • develope your self-awareness to advise and communicate better with an applicate or colleague.
  • know how to formulate a recommendation of the evaluation of a candidate.

In addition to improving your recruiting and career management skills, you will master a model of self-management and relationship management.

The Process Communication Model® training includes:

  • Process Communication Model® HR Training Manual
  • Process Communication Model® Memo Pocket Card
  • Your Process Communication Model® Personality Profile
  • The PPI of each participant
  • Discover Process Communication book by Jérôme Lefeuvre
  • Three free Key to Me Profiles to use for recruitment training
Discover Process Communication Book Cover
Small group training

Training Program

During this 5-day program, participants will be introduced to the PCM model and its application in recruitment and career manatement. Participants will utilize their PCM report to better understand the deep structure of their personality end recognize the benefits of the application of this model from a personal perspective. Participants will then explore specific topics and processes that they can use while recruiting and career counseling people who have different personality structures. Finally, participants will learn how to validate the PPI with the person who filled it out and how to "read between the lines" of the candidate's PPI.

PCM HR Certification Topics include:

  • The Six Personality Types
  • The Base Personality Type
  • The Phase Personality Type
  • Mananagement Styles
  • The Elevator
  • Personality Parts and Communication Channels
  • Perception Zones
  • Psychological Needs
  • Drivers
  • Failure Mechanisms, the 2nd Degree of Miscommunication
  • Failire Scripts, Cues and Positive Behavior Invitations
  • Phase Issues and Developmental Stages


During the final day of training, participants continue through the certification process, conducted by a PCM Master Trainer. Certification requires passing a written questionnaire and successfully completing a practical exam demonstrating ability to conduct recruiting sessions using the Process Communication Model®.


This training is intended for Recruitment Consultants, heads of HR, heads of recruiting, career guidance counselors who wish to include the Process Communication Model® to greatly improve their hiring and career guidance practices.