Process Communication Model® Certified Coach

Our PCM Certified Coach program is accredited by the Internation Coaching Federation (ICF). Accredited coaches will learn how to apply PCM and utilize numerous tools to assist them in the coaching process and preparation. Coaches certified in using PCM are better able to:

  • establish a better rapport between coach and client.
  • mentally prepare for coaching sessions and obtain important information about the personality structure of the client, even before the session begins.
  • adapt an intervention strategy to the client's profile.
  • anticipate changes in client's behavior.
  • create action plans to help the client solve their challenges.
  • communicate effectively, facilitate learning, and maximize results.
Upon completion, participants receive an internationally recognized certificate and 22.25 CCE credits from the ICF.

The Process Communication Model® training includes:

  • Process Communication Model® Level 1 Manual
  • Process Communication Model® Coach Syllabus Manual
  • Your Process Communication Model® Personality Profile
  • Understand To Be Understood book by Gérard Collignon and Pascal Legrand
  • Three free Key to Me Profiles to develop your PCM experience
Understand to be Understood Book Cover
Small group training

Training Program

During this 5-day program, participants will be introduced to the PCM model and possibilities of its application in coaching. Participants will utilize their PCM report to better understand the deep structure of their personality end recognize the benefits of the application of this model from a personal perspective. Participants will then explore specific topics and processes that they can expect to appear during coaching sessions with people who have different personality structures. Finally, participants will get a chance to thoroughly study the deep factors within personality that can affect a client’s reactions during coaching and receive detailed guidelines for possible interventions when working with different personality types, especially when detecting a client’s dysfunctional behavior and resistance.

PCM Certified Coach Topics include:

  • The Six Personality Types
  • The Base Personality Type
  • The Phase Personality Type
  • Mananagement Styles
  • The Elevator
  • Personality Parts and Communication Channels
  • Perception Zones
  • Psychological Needs
  • Drivers
  • Failure Mechanisms, the 2nd Degree of Miscommunication
  • Failure Scripts, Cues and Positive Behavior Invitations
  • Phase Issues and Developmental Stages


During the final day of training, participants continue through the certification process, conducted by a PCM Master Coach. Certification requires passing a written questionnaire and successfully completing a practical exam demonstrating ability to conduct coaching sessions using the Process Communication Model®.


This training is intended for professional coaches or those in current studies willing to include the Process Communication Model® in their individual coaching methods.